Context communication

It is very easy to get lost when several questions are discussed and there is much of information. We use the principle of context communication to resolve this problem.

347461 Context communication

It is easier to understand a message in its context
Here is an example demonstrating this principle. A pair makes plans for a weekend and has to solve organizational problems. Using non-context communication:


1600 Context communication


And here is the same dialogue, but in context intercourse:


2600 Context communication


The man asks the same question: "What is the ticket's price?"
But in the second picture you can see fewer messages because the question was set context — in the right place, instead of regular adressing to the whole first message.


Composing the documentation without extra effort
The flexibility of the platform allows to create documentation after the discussion easily. If principle from the example above is kept in mind when editing, the only uneccesary information (which should be removed) is the question. So finally the the essential extract remains.


3600 Context communication


Later this documentation can be easily used, for example, when the new employee comes, or business processes are upscaled, or a consulting company is invited.
The most advantageous outcomes are time saved explaining ideas or processes and leading new people in the current affairs.
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